Friday, November 15, 2013

Creative Collections

 I collect key chains. I get a new key chain almost everywhere I go, I also get one  if a family member goes away because they most likely bring me one back. I collect because it helps keep a memory of where i went and that's why i choose key chains. My key chains are all different colors, shapes, and places. My collection is unlike Portia Munson. Portia Munson has collections with all different items, but they are all the same color.

This picture is only half of my key chain collection.

Expressing Our Collection

My class collected blue items to try and make a collection kinda like Portia Munson. Our class collection reflects a humans everyday life. There are items like gum, a pillow,a water jug, paint, phone cases,pens,pencils, etc. Portia Munson did many of these kinds of collections, she even did a blue collection. Many of the items are things that interest us. Most of our items are things we use or see everyday. As a teenager I relate to many of the things in the collection because I enjoy many of the items we collected.

My classes blue stuff collection
Portia Munson's blue stuff collection

Monday, November 4, 2013

Candy Jars Make Me Smile! :)

The candy jar drawing took time and concentration. All the little smarties and the wrappers and the way the wrappers were wrinkled were a little frustrating. Also all the shine, shades, and glares from the light are all spots that you need to focus on. Making glass look like glass and making the candy look like it was behind it and in the jar almost sounded impossible. Never say you cant do something cause if you try you probably can.

My Drawings. Compare and Contrast.

Drawing with colored pencil is a little easier then using only graphite pencil.. When drawing the bike you had to shade with the pencil to make the metal of the bike look metal, and with the candy drawing you had to make the candy look like it was in the glass jar and wasn't floating. the candy drawing was different because the color really made the candy look realistic. 

Is it that easy?

Drawing a bicycle isn't very easy. When you draw a bicycle you need to think about its value and composition. Does the metal look like metal? Is it detailed? To reach the right composition I learned that you need to just try your best and focus on the effect to drawing a realistic bike. To reach the right value I learned that you need to make the metal look like metal so you would need to shade. I didn't think i could draw a bike. It took confidence and time, but i did it.