Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Growing Together with Faith

    In 6th grade I started going to youth group and I didn't really know everyone. As we started going on trips our friendships grew. Cry fest is a big part of our Keswick trip that helps build our trust in each other. The more connections we make and with every hike and meal we share our friendship has grown. Last year we thought that we couldn't tell each other everything. Through out the summer we grew so much more. Together we learned how to have trust and vulnerability for each other. This has made me realize how deeply we really care for each other. We have a hand print cross on the wall, we all hold hands when we pray, and we talk and tell each other everything. Through it all our friendships grow more and more and they are the strongest they have ever been. We are all so proud of who we have become, that we wouldn't change it for anything.