Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Grab the mirror, it's time to reflect!

          As a 9th grader having my first high school art class I definitely think I have grown during the experiences and have gotten better as an artist all together. Throughout the year I have learned many new technics that will and have helped me grow as an artist. I'm proud of all the hard work and effort I have made towards the projects given this year. I feel like the things I thought were hard have helped me and also that making the clay story pole has helped me become know and better at using and sculpting clay. Knowing that my art is a big part of me I feel that my role in this whole year was to try and connect myself with my art the best that I could.

Memories, memories, memories!!

              My time capsule is full of little odds and ends that describe who I am. There are two special things I would like to share. One of the items I put in my time capsule is pictures. There are pictures of my friends and I taken during fun times we have spent together. Also I have two necklace charms in my box one is a cross and the other is a half heart that says "big sister". Both charms represent something special and important in my life. Not knowing when I might open my box I know that I will forget the things inside and the day I open it will be another memory looking in to past memories.