Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Art x3 Passed on!

This project was started by someone identified by a number. Later it was passed to someone else.The second numbered person added to it, and lastly I ended up with it and had to add anything that I thought was needed for this project. We had a theme that needed to be followed. The theme was celebrity. My thoughts when I received the piece was "Wow what am I gonna be able to do with this". The corner read " Where am I going?" I thought about it for a while and that's when I thought about making it like a little map. Right away I got to work I found a star and wrote next to it "You are here". With a nice dotted line I followed it to where I had placed the word Hollywood. Behind in the darkness of the picture I had seen two hands and I
thought that could symbolized that no matter where you are going you will always be safe.

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